Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back in the Game

Here we go again, I'm rockin' the Google Glass at school and once again taking a fresh look at what's now (to me) old technology.  Funny to say that, really, it hasn't hit the market yet and it's old, familiar and lost its luster.  Is that where we're really at with technology now?  My daughter is looking into an iPhone 6 and I'm just getting used to the idea of the 4s?

So anyway, I'm back to taking a look at the device and continuing my journey.  I wore it at the end of last week; intending to wear it daily and then just forgot about it on my counter.  Saturday was the annual skeet shoot in the UP and I purposefully didn't wear it because a bunch of old paranoid Yoopers with guns is not the place to introduce a camera on glasses.

So I waited until today.

Some thoughts for now:

FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, the apps are catching up with the device.  It's like when I got my first PDA and all I could use was the calendar.  When they came out with more apps it became more useful and eventually began to evolve into something useful, not just something neat.  By far my favorite app is Pandora.  Not something new but definitely something convenient and attractive.  Some of the apps are obvious commercial connections.  This is to be expected.  I'd like to see the barrier completely dropped and all the third party apps be able to be used easily.  Google's in danger of being as exclusive as Apple.

Still hung up on the camera.  Works great and might just be the most appealing part of the device.

Kids are still interested in it, adults are cautious and curious.

I'll keep playing with it and investigating.

Educationally, it's still up in the air.  I'm going to be looking into it for more

--24 hour break--  (Things get busy in IT)

So, back again.  Wore Glass to work for a second time.  Having issues with it connecting to the Wi-Fi in the buildings so I'll try and work that out down the road somewhere.

Beautiful fall colors this week; hopefully I'll be able to give you some great pics and video of the ER chain from Glass this weekend.

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